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Guess Who's Back...Back Again

It's hard to believe that it's so long since I last updated.

Less Than Three Press going out of business certainly threw a big wrench into things, then but it was followed by two big health scares with my husband (a heart attack, then pulmonary edema two months later), quitting my day job after the rest of my team was let go with no notice due to an acquisition, and well we all know what Covid-19 has been doing to create a terrifying new normal, especially with me living in the United States.

It's been...a lot.

That said, I have finally started the process of self-publishing Under the Knife, From Blood to Roses and Gravity on Amazon KDP! I hope to be able to update my Books page with new buying links no later than the end of this week.

I hope you are all safe and healthy. Keep your bubble small and wear a mask!

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