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Gravity is Available For Pre-Order from Less Than Three Press

Connor is used to difficult. Bratty. Ungrateful. Being a personal trainer to Hollywood elite has inured him to even the most stubborn, obnoxious client. Until he meets Jaeden, rhythm guitarist of New Schism, who seems to have simply given up on life, content to wallow in his den and ignore anyone stupid enough to bother him. All Jaeden wants is to be left alone. His boyfriend is dead. He's finished rehab. He's out of music, out of motivation—just out. When Connor shows up being demanding, pushy, and unreasonable, Jaeden refuses to cooperate. Then he's told that if he doesn't shape up and get back into touring shape, he's out of the band he's spent his life taking to the top of the charts. Stubborn meets obstinate in a battle of wills, one fighting to do his job, the other fighting to be left in peace—neither expecting the victory that emerges.

Content Warnings: Gravity contains explicit content, including explicit poly scenes (M/M/F). Gravity also includes drug use/addiction (including overdose), depression, attempted suicide by an off-page character, discussion of past homophobia and domestic abuse, and significant content regarding appearance, fitness and weight loss. There is one scene that graphically describes (in dialogue) a fatal multi-car accident, and one sex scene that involves spanking and very light breathplay.

You can pre-order here: until June 4th and save 15% until June 4th! Cover art to be released in April.

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