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Less Than Three Press is Closing Its Doors

As has been announced elsewhere, my publisher, Less Than Three Press is closing its doors as of the end of July 2019. This essentially leaves my books out of print, including the recently released Gravity.

Truthfully, I’m not sure how I’ll be moving forward.

LT3 has been beyond generous with restoring rights and files, which makes self-publishing my previously published works much more tenable than if I was starting from scratch. The traditional publishing m/m market has become tenuous at best lately, with many presses going out of business every year it seems. At the same time taking care of all the distribution and marketing details seems overwhelming and makes me want to crawl in a corner and cry.

I don’t post much about my personal life here, but this is an especially difficult time for me due to chaos with my day job. I’m really not able to make any big decisions right now, so I am going to sit back for the moment for now and reflect on how best to go forward, I’ve made some amazing contacts and am keeping all advice in mind.

Less Than Three Press made my dreams come true, and I have no regrets or hard feelings. Megan, Samantha and Sasha are class acts who never missed a payment to an author or vendor, and always operated from the ideal that queer stories had an important place in media. I would work with any of them again in a heartbeat. They were the best guardian angels to a baby author that anyone could ask for.

Stay tuned for further updates once I figure this all out!

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